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Do you want to acquire more customers via Social Media?

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Our main goal is to offer the most qualitative and affordable services. We’ll become your personal sales manager in the world of social networks!

More than 300 of our clients have:

Increased their goods and service sales

Increased business awareness and reputation

Significantly improved their search engine ranking

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  • The Pros of Social Media Marketing
  • One of the cheapest ways to attract more customers. A potential customer costs much less than in other types of marketing services.
  • An enormous target audience coverage. There are hundreds of millions of active users in popular social networks. Their number is rapidly growing.
  • The possibility of personal contact. Each member of your community page can become your customer.
  • A fast advertising response.
  • Your competitors still don’t know that you can make sales so quickly in social networks.
  • The Cons of Social Media Marketing
  • Thorough preparation is required. In order to win over your target audience you will need to make some changes in the community design and settings, get your first followers for a reward (to build trust in future followers for the group).
  • It doesn’t give you instant results. The result is directly proportional to the amount of time spent and funds invested.

In 7 minutes we will explain to you how:

How is the social media marketing system in our company organized?
Why is the social media marketing system in our company effective?
What kind of tools and techniques are used for effective promotion?

8 reasons to trust us

  • 1
    Experience Starting from 2010 we have implemented more than 300 different projects for our customers from Russia, Ukraine, Israel and CIS countries.
  • 2
    Turnkey SMM-projects - Design the community page;
    - Develop a promotion strategy;
    - Fill in the project with qualitative content;
    - Acquire new customers by sending personal messages and using targeted advertising.
  • 3
    An individual approach We focus on the main features of the promoted product or service, develop the most effective promotion strategy and consider all the client's wishes.
  • 4
    Effective tools We use proven SMM-promotion techniques and methods and always improve our effectiveness by learning and implementing new ones.
  • 5
    A reasonable and competitive price We prove it simply by offering reasonable pricing, listening to the customers’ needs and ensuring the execution of an order with timely implementation.
  • 6
    Quick feedback We quickly inform our clients about the target audience response based on your offer as well as new potential clients.
  • 7
    Reliability We use proven techniques for customer attraction. We never use promotion methods that go against social network rules.
  • 8
    Clarity You always know what you pay for. We report every month to our clients about work results, the links to each new community member and screenshots of all their responses.
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How the work process looks like

1. Application

Leave your request on our website or contact us in the most convenient way for you.

2. Determination of objectives

We`ll help you choose the goal that optimally suits your business, which could be one of the following options: sales, phone calls, registered users, targeted website traffic or brand awareness.

3. Audit

Our goal here is to pay the most attention to all the key elements of your community, while looking for the weakest parts in the design, user interface, content and audience.

4. Payment

For safe cooperation we can utilize the service “Security transaction” or form a contract. We accept prepayment for 2 weeks as well as for a month of service.

5. Analysis

We carefully analyze the successful and unsuccessful actions of your competitors in social networks, identifying their main strengths and weaknesses.

6. Preparation

We develop a promotion strategy and a content plan, agree on the details and consider all your wishes and comments.

7. Getting Started

We work on your community design and then start posting and attracting new customers to your project. We work according to the determined promotion strategy and content plan.

8. Reports

After getting the first reports about the target audience feedback, we sum up the overall audience reaction to the new content and promoted product.

9. Adjustments

We provide constant optimization and support, increasing the community conversion. We continue our mutually beneficial cooperation.

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7 tips: for starting a successful business promotion in social media networks right now!

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Still in doubt? Check out our portfolio!


Belaya Strekoza - Design. Decoration


Horizon without borders


Comfort - Furniture factory


Rukodelion - Creative contests and master classes


Mosco - French jeans


Glavposuda - Tableware online shop


Aristocrat - Interior design


Natural cosmetics from Thailand


WELSS - Beauty salon


Optom19 - online marketplace for buyers and wholesalers


Modniy vibor - Plus size clothing for women


Rukodelion - Handcraft portal


Shtora na dom – Drapes and curtains online shop


Leonardo-hobby - Handcraft online shop


Onyx - Design and renovation in Moscow and the Moscow region


Elite Design - Cabinet furniture studio


We develop an individual promotion
strategy considering all the
features of your business,
sales funnel, your goals
and budget

Your personal data will never
be transferred to third parties

Test drive

We recommend ordering a trial week of work with the community

As a result:

You’ll be able to assess the level of our professionalism

You’ll see the quality and the real cost of subscriber attraction

You won`t spend your budget “blindly” and you’ll get the opportunity to control your expenses

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Discounts for multi-project management

When making an order for the promotion of two or more communities, you get discounts for multiple project management

2 communities


3 communities


4 communities


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Want even more customers?

Looking for an additional sales source? Check out all the opportunities of social media advertising!

The advertisement can be set up according to your community, website or landing page.

Targeted advertising

Your ads are displayed on the user’s personal page. Such ads will only be seen by your targeted audience.
  • A properly set up advertisement company can save your time and expenses and at the same time enable you to convey your offer to the users that are really interested in your product while effectively considering their location.
  • Budgetary restrictions do not affect the quality of advertising.
  • The payment is made only for real visitors of your community or website.
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Display advertising

Banner ads are set up in communities or public pages where your targeted audience is concentrated
  • Perfect for special offers, discounts and contest announcement.
  • Gives an instant response and the maximum coverage of potential customers. Interested users will visit your website or community immediately after posting the ad. It also raises your brand awareness.
  • The brighter and more interesting your banner is, the more people will pay attention to it and remember your company
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Retargeted advertising

Your ads are displayed to the users who already
know your product.

  • The information about the visitors can be gathered from your website by installing the special Pixel code
  • All the information about the clients gathered by “Pixel” (e-mails, phone numbers and user IDs) is uploaded to your personal account.
  • Brings back the potential customers to your community or website.
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  • Oksana Alekseyeva
    Forei LLC USA CEO

    We didn’t even expect to get so many positive emotions while cooperating with the “WhitePR” company to promote our business in the social networks VKONTAKTE and Instagram. All their employees are super educated, reactive and pleasant in conversation. Since our company is based in the US and we are separated by time zone boundaries, we are still amazed at their 24/7 support. They always stay in touch and are ready to answer to any of our questions immediately. Good job! I recommend cooperating only with them!

  • Vitaly Osinskiy
    “KOMFORT” furniture factory CEO

    It took us a long time to find a good company for social media promotion! There were quite a lot of different options but in the end, we stumbled upon the WhitePR company on the Freelance website. We were more than satisfied with their work! They are definitely masters of their craft. Despite the fact that our company is based in Russia, they always stay in touch at any time of day and night! They do everything operatively, quickly and masterfully! Their work is an A+. If you’re still in doubt about hiring them or not, I would definitely say: do it!!! Thank you, WhitePR!

    BORROW EASILY Head of the relations department

    By cooperating with White PR Company, you always get qualitative SMM-services that are individually tailored to your needs. Such an approach gives you a development prospect in the chosen direction. White PR employees are always attentive to the client’s wishes and needs. They do their work perfectly up to the most specific details. Responsibility and efficiency are the main priorities in their job, which is very important for Borrow Easily - one of the leading companies on the microfinance market. We look forward to a long mutually beneficial cooperation with WhitePR!
    Sincerely, head of the relations department of the Borrow Easily company.

    The "RED CAT" Drapes salon Director

    The "RED CAT" Drapes salon is also ready to say a few words about its efficient cooperation with the WhitePR company.
    After a long and thorough search for an SMM promotion company, we finally chose WhitePR. Our salon specializes on individual drapes tailoring and sales. Our goal is to bring comfort to our clients’ apartments, so it is very important for us to have nice and cozy pages in social networks. Our pages represent a kind of a showcase where customers can follow our special offers, new products and news of the company.
    We are grateful to the WhitePR team for considering and implementing all our wishes.
    We recommend this company. Thankfully, The director of the "RED CAT" Drapes salon, Lazareva Valentina Petrovna

    «VOCATION» PROJECT Head of youth developing project «Vocation»

    We have been cooperating with the WhitePR for more than 3 years now. During this time there were some situations, where we couldn’t understand each other and sometimes we even argued! But the most important for me is the fact, that every time we were able to find the right way in order to achieve common goals. Within three years we accomplished more than 10 different projects, including the Kazan news portal, the Turkey real estate community, tennis courts in UAE, UAE real estate community and many more. I also want to mention an important fact: we are not only pleased to work together, but also to communicate. It is gratifying to see that the girls do not just want to make money, but they also share our aspirations and get real pleasure from what they do. Thanks to them, our “Vocation” project has gathered more than 10 000 real subscribers in just 1.5 years. I’m sure that as long as we cooperate with the WhitePR company, this project can get much more subscribers. Thank you for your work! I’m sure that I will entrust the promotion of my next project to you as well!

    WELLS PROJECT Head of the Marketing and Advertising Department

    We found the WhitePR agency by the recommendation of our partners and now it’s been 3 months since they`ve been effectively promoting our brand in the VK and Instagram social networks. We noticed the results from the first week of cooperation. It is important to mention that during that time we didn’t run any contests or special offers. We are grateful to all the experts in the WhitePR company for elaborating the WELLS brand development strategy, for their professionalism and strict compliance with the deadlines. I would also like to emphasize the beautifully decorated posts, informative “live” texts and tactful conversations with subscribers. Everything is done competently with no molestation. We are completely satisfied with their work!


    I was lucky to find the WhitePR company and to have a great opportunity to work with them! They provide well coordinated work, detailed consultations and helpful advices, which makes our cooperation such a success. Thanks and keep it up!

Are you interested in how your competitors promote their products in social media? Get a detailed analysis for only 7$!

Competitor analysis result:

We`ll find out what methods and strategies your competitors use to promote their products in social media and identify all their main strengths and weaknesses.

We`ll form a general understanding of the customers` mood and sales prospect in whole.

We`ll adjust your development strategy and help you become better than your competitors.

Got an offer from another SMM-company?

Let’s analyze how much their prices correspond to the quality of community management.


The Manager of the company "WhitePR"
will contact you shortly

Manager of the company "WhitePR"
will send you a letter soon